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Trapo Classic Car Mat

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With active bacteria-killing agents infused into our new Trapo Classic Mark II Car Mats, it is now able to provide the ultimate hygiene solution to all drivers. Through years of research & development, Trapo Classic Mark II is the first ever car mat in Malaysia that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, a step forward in elevating your driving experience.

💦 Easy to clean 

💵 Free delivery

✔ Traps dirt

👃🏼 No smell

👞 Non slip

🦠 Antibacteria

👍 1 year warranty

🔨 3X durable than Trapo Mark 1

Trapo Malaysia is the best car mat solution to trap all your worries.


💦 Senang dicuci

💵 Penghantaran percuma

✔ Memerangkap habuk

👃🏼 Tidak berbau

👞 Anti-slip

🦠 Antibakteria

👍 Waranti setahun

🔨 3X ketahanan drpd Trapo Mark 1

Karpet kereta Trapo Malaysia ialah penyelesaian terbaik untuk memerangkap masalah anda.


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