“On your mark, get set, go!

Everybody starts tomorrow afresh after MCO. Some companies closed down and some braved through this period of difficulty. For me and my Organisation, we will start over and prayerfully become better. DSLY will certainly diversify our businesses and not putting everything into one basket. Legal practice will stick with the firm and Franchise, Intellectual Properties and Business, Digital and Web Development and sporting club will divert to DSLY EmCity Sdn Bhd.”


Damian Yeo Shen Li, Founder of DSLY EmCity Sdn Bhd

In 2019-2020, the world when into a coronavirus pandemic causing businesses, organisations, associations, and individuals to be in complete lockdown, causing many suffers economically. And so to our football club, Melaka City Football Club (MelCity). Without any financial support and sponsors, we were facing a mountain ahead of us. As we were in a state of hopelessness, the thought of surviving ran in our mind with the move to make MelCity financial sustainable and more vibrant. As a result of that, birth of DSLY-emcity.com. Yes this website was initiated during the boring week of quarantine period during Covid19 2020 brainchild of the President of MelCity himself, Mr. Damian Yeo Shen Li.

The Business Nature of the DSLY EmCity is twofold i.e. the Development of Human Management through sports and the Development of Client’s Companies through digital marketing and technology.

Development of Human Management

through sports

Development of Human Management

through sports

Development of Client’s Companies

through digital marketing and technology


To provide
the best business solution
to our clients
under one roof


Sustainability Income 
to Our Clients


We Dream,
We Built,
We Grow

Our strategy is built on the foundation of our corporate values and will drive our successful development in the coming years to achieve our long-term vision for DSLY:

to provide the best business solution to our clients under one roof.

In order to steer the focus of the entire organization toward our strategy and ensure its successful implementation, we have defined four strategic priorities: Outperform – Globalize – Simplify – Inspire.

The basis for our strategy was a detailed analysis of major long-term market trends. We identified three megatrends, which will affect our different businesses over the next years: consolidation, emerging markets, and speed.

Consolidation in our supplier, manufacturer and customer base as well as in our competitive environment will continue. Size will become a critical success factor in the future. Consequently, we need to grow our businesses.


  • We expect the shift of growth from mature to emerging markets to continue. As a result, we need to expand our already strong footprint in these markets over the coming years.
  • We anticipate highly dynamic market evolution, and faster decision-making by suppliers, customers and competitors. In addition, further digitalization will lead to changes in us market environment. We therefore need to continue simplifying our processes and increasing our operational excellence.
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